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Top Tennis Tips – Improve your Windsor game!

On this page you’ll find several ways of improving various aspects of your game, whether you’re a strong singles, doughty doubles, or a complete newbie. ‘You’re never done learning’ as Mr Murray (P6 & P7) used to say.

In time we will be supplementing the pdfs with some excellent videos from Marc Howland, so watch out for those.

These tennis tips have come via TICA , the Tennis Ireland Coaches Association

Click on the link to open/download the PDF
14 ways to win a match
2Embrace Your Mistakes
3Get to the Net
4How To React When Pulled Wide
5How To…Change your grip to BH
6How To…Practice
7How To…Return vs A Serve Volleyer
8How To…Serve and Volley
9How To…Warm Up
10Late Backswing
11Matchplay Scouting
12One More Time
13Play With a Margin For Error
14Play With Variation
15Returning Serve In Doubles
16Second Serve Secrets
17Tennis 10s
18The Backhand Slice
19The Earlier Ball
20The Famous Five Passing Shots
21The Half Volley
22The Service Ritual
23How To…Anticipate
24How To…Be Ready
25Tournament Tough – coping with nerves
26How to… win with the drop shot
27Does your Second Serve cut it?
28Deep Groundstrokes
29Advantages of playing Tennis
30 Stand and Deliver!!
31Doubles Confusion!!


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