Windsor is currently accepting new members in all categories.

You can apply for membership by simply filling in an application form and emailing to You can be on the courts playing very soon!

Membership Categories

Windsor has membership categories to suit everyone. Simply choose your category from the list below and apply today!

CategoryDescriptionFacilities Available
Full Playing18 years of age or overAll
FamilyFlexible categories to suit families of all shapes and sizesAll
Intermediate Up to 27 years of age – Tennis, Squash & Gym. Three categories, 18-23, 24-27 and 28-31 years of age.All
Squash18 years of age or overSquash
JuniorUnder 18 years of age. Two categories, Under 10s and 10-18Tennis and Squash
AssociateNon-playing memberSocial facilities only
Off PeakAccess to facilities only during off-peak times, typically mornings and afternoons during the week and some restricted hours during the weekendAll
GymGym facilities onlyGym
Student Student who is studying in NI. Renewable on an annual basis, on production of valid student card. Access to facilities only during off-peak times,All
Vacation StudentStudent who is studying outside of NI, and who is returning home for a short period of time. Renewable on a monthly basis, on production of valid student cardAll


Membership Rates

Check out our latest membership rates. There is currently NO JOINING FEE.

All membership categories (except Gym and Associate) are subject to an additional one-off annual Governing Body Affiliation fee – currently £14 per year for adults and £7 per year for juniors.

Membership can be paid either in one lump sum or spread over 12 months by monthly direct debit. Contact us to find out the best option for you.

Membership CategoryAnnual SubscriptionDirect Debit
per month
Family (2 Parents, 2 or more Children)£1016£85
Family (2 Parents, 1 Child)£988£83
Joint (husband and wife / partner)£950£80
Family (1 Parent, 2 or more Children)£598£50
Family (1 Parent, 1 Child)£570£48
Full Playing£532£45
Intermediate 1 (18-23)£229£21
Intermediate 2 (24-27)£314£28
Intermediate 3 (28-31)£423£36
Associate (non-playing)£57N/A
Junior (u10’s)£77N/A
Junior (10-18)£98N/A
Vacation StudentN/A


Download Forms

You can easily get forms for membership application or to set up a direct debit by clicking below.