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Online Tennis and Squash Court Booker

Click here now to go to the Windsor Court Booker

The WCB link can be saved to your favourites in your browser.

Three Steps to your court booker registration

Step 1 – Windsor Court Booker Account setup
Click here to email Reception for an Account to be setup
and a temporary password to get you going.
(clicking on the email link will bring up a new email; all you have to do is fill in First Name and Last Name and press ‘send’).
An email will then be sent to you containing a temporary password, as well as your User name (in the form of FirstName LastName).

Step 2 – Logging in to the Windsor Court Booker
Log into the site www.windsortennis.co.uk/courtbooker, and change your temporary password to one of your own choice.
Do this by clicking the grey ‘Log in’ button at top right, find your name in the 2nd column – over to the right on the same row you will see a grey ‘Edit’ button.
Click on this and in the Password field insert your new password as requested.
Finish by clicking ‘OK’

Step 3 – Making your first booking!
Click an empty time slot on your desired court (tennis or squash), make changes to your bookings etc, so that you can get used to the new system.
It is very easy to make additions, changes, and deletions on the WCB.

Windsor Tennis Club Belfast – Court Booking rules

Click Windsor Court Booking rules to open a Word document which explains some of  the simple rules around booking a tennis court.

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