Junior Squash

Junior Squash Coaching and Development Programme

* * supported by Belfast City Council * *

junior squashWith senior teams struggling to get players in 2011 and an aging squash club profile, it was decided to set up a junior section with the aim of attracting young players to the game who would hopefully go on to play for the Club and bring back the successes of the glory days of winning the Premier League, Ulster and Irish Cup competitions.

In conjunction with Ulster Squash and support of Belfast City Council, the Club kick-started with a very successful open day attracting 35 juniors to watch a top class exhibition match and take part in some fun sessions in order to try out the game. Then, with the help of senior members and employment of a Level 3 Squash Coach, Kieran Doherty, we ran two four week sessions to see if there was sufficient interest.

From there, a Club ladder was formed, two 8-12 week coaching programmes and a junior tournament held at Christmas. Two of the juniors (1 and 2 respectively on the junior ladder) , Michael Williams (age 15) and Sam McConnell (age 17) played at various stages on the senior teams which is a real credit to Kieran who has been putting them through their paces every Monday from 17:00 to 19:00.

If your son or daughter is interested in trying out the sessions,  Application forms are available at reception and can be emailed to you.