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2011 editions of The Racquet, available by scrolling or using the search box. All editions of The Racquest are contained with the archive pages so if you’re looking for something, you’ll more than likely find it here!

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2011 editions

Top Squash players at Windsor, Pizza Pub Quiz Party The Racquet Sept 6 2011
Function Room hours, Members Evening, Gym Induction The Racquet Sept 7 2011
 Willie & Carole on tour The Racquet Sept 12 2011
 Ladies Tennis Coaching courses, Cardio Tennis returns, New Club opening hours The Racquet Sept 14 2011
 WillieAndCarole meet Volker – the Bionic Man! The Racquet Sept 16 2011
 Club Tournament Update – whoo hoo! The Racquet Sept 16b 2011
 Hot Sweaty and not a little Bothered, the latest from WillieAndCarole in Spain, Dates for your Diary The Racquet Sept 17 2011
Given the brush off! – WillieAndCarole lament from Spain, Club tournament photos The Racquet Sept 19 2011
Club Tournament New photos from Alice, Captains Day (and Night!), Junior Club Afternoon starts again The Racquet Sept 23 2011
Euro Squash Champ Photos,  New photos from Alice, Captains Night, THREE WillieAndCarole blogs, Members Night this Friday,  The Racquet Sept 29 2011
Captains Night – a dozen tickets left – book yours before tonight  The Racquet Oct 7 2011
Gym Induction, SuperDome court times, Willie – what a life he leads!, SuperDome Members night, Golf outing, Opera Mini  The Racquet Oct 14 2011
Gym Induction, Website down for maintenance,  The Racquet Oct 23 2011
Gruesome Golf, Sunny Spain, Winning Wendy  The Racquet Oct 29 2011
Thai Evening, Sizzlin’ Salsa,  SuperDome video  The Racquet Nov 8 2011
SuperDome Planned Maintenance  The Racquet Dec 1 2011
Club evening Xmas Special! Windsor Xmas Gift Vouchers! Gym Induction!!  The Racquet Dec 6 2011
Xmas hours, January classes, Ladies & Mens coaching classes, Salsa New Years Party, Junior Squads in January  The Racquet Dec 21 2011