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This year

Woman Domination ooo err, vicar! Gym Induction Class, The Racquet 14 Jan 2012
Lindy Hop comes to Windsor! Could you be better at tennis? Foot Faulter?? Windsor Programmes and classes. The Racquet 24 Jan 2012
Prepping for the Perfect Pub Pizza quiz?? The Racquet 9 Mar 2012
Reminder Perfect Pub Pizza quiz?? Club afternoon is back!! The Racquet 15 Mar 2012
Windsor needs Marathon runners! Court & SuperDome Photos! Windsor AGM! ipad dad!! The Racquet 26 Mar 2012
Easter – we are open! Membership Categories & Prices? Cathy promises Pavlova! Thinking of PlayBall for the kids?? The Racquet 4 Apr 2012
Club Night Changing to Wednesday – Temporary! The Racquet 9 Apr 2012
The Queen of Green returns to Windsor!! The Racquet 17 Apr 2012
Saturday 21st April – special Club afternoon The Racquet 21 Apr 2012
Windsor- first tennis club in Ulster to gain Silver Clubmark award!! The Racquet 22 Apr 2012
Windsor Singles League Teams- Roll of Honour!, Fish with your chips Madam? The Racquet 26 Apr 2012
Can you Lindy Hop??? SUFTUM!! The Racquet 29 Apr 2012
The ‘TIT- tanics’ – a Windsor Ladies Team are doing the Edinburgh MOONWALK!!, Seen our Court Opening photos? The Racquet 3 May 2012
Suppertime Stomp date change! Gym induction for members!Club night extra court!Windsor Marathoners – have you seen the pics?? Junior Summer Camp schedule published! The Racquet 12 May 2012
The ‘TIT- tanics’ – a Windsor Ladies Team are doing the Edinburgh MOONWALK!! – Its this Thursday!! + Fish’nChip Clubnight special! The Racquet 14 May 2012
Gym Inductions! Promises of great weather for the BBQ!! SuperSet – a quick reminder. Pilates is good for you!! Lindy Hop – Suppertime Stomp! The Racquet 8 Jun 2012
Can Przemek make it a hat-trick in this years SuperSet?? Windsor Wonders – heard the latest? Quick thinking by David Williams!! The Racquet 22 Jun 2012
Goodness me, Winners everywhere!! The Racquet 27 Jun 2012
Murray, Marray, and Arthur . . ., Ritualistic Belly Dancing, Louis in line for an Oscar!!, The future looks bright…, No Sleep ‘til Lurgan The Racquet 10 Jul 2012
Juniors – thought of entering this tournament, right on your own doorstep?? Special Club Night!! Windsor Olympians!! SuperDome needs YOU – are you available? The Racquet 10 Aug 2012
Cathy Fay – Superstar! Windsor is now a Golf Club – official!! SuperDome – Have YOU signed up?? The hardest skill – how to win with a drop shot. Seen the New Look?? The Racquet 17 Aug 2012
Got your entry in for the Tournament? Today is the closing date!! Last chance!! The Racquet 5 Sept 2012
Club Tournament update – MUST READ!! The Racquet 8 Sept 2012
Murray. Winner. Respect The Racquet 10 Sept 2012
Windsor this, Windsor that – its been a busy month!! The Racquet 17 Sept 2012
Windsor Club tournament 2012 – Photos The Racquet 18 Sept 2012
Louis – prize winner at Rhode Island – free showing at QFT this Sunday!! The Racquet 20 Sept 2012
Willie & Carole on tour! Have you entered Captains Day! Street Jazz comes to Windsor! Gym induction dates for noobies. Windsor at the Interpros!! The Racquet 26 Sept 2012
A team Summer League Winners! Salsa returns for all comers!! The Racquet 28 Sept 2012
Squash for Beginners – learn from the Master!! Captains Night – Nov 17th – got your ticket? Windsor collect their prizes.. Bernie’s night .. Second Serve – does it cut the mustard?? The Racquet 20 Oct 2012
Captains Night / Retro Night The Racquet 31 Oct 2012
Captains Night – a few tickets remaining!! Email reception to book yours! The Racquet 5 Nov 2012
Issues with Webserver for website and Windsor Court Booker The Racquet 7 Nov 2012
Charity Tennis Afternoon, King Arthur makes the news, Juniors in action @ European squash champs, Ozzy meets BCR, The sun doesn’t always shine in Spain!! The Racquet 21 Nov 2012
Paddy Jackson as never seen before, WillieAndCarole still winning, Message from Arthur, Squash luvvies are getting younger, Windsor play squash at Bangor Castle – never knew there was a castle . . . The Racquet 4 Dec 2012
Xmas Edition of The Racquet from Windsor Tennis The Racquet 16 Dec 2012