Welcome to the FAQ section

The Match Maker will assist you in locating other tennis players within Windsor who match your skill level,
your preference for singles or doubles, your desired playing time.

How do I get started?

Step 1: You must first register to subscribe to Match Maker, which you can do by clicking 'Register' on the left hand menu. Complete the details on the page and click the 'Register button'
Step 2: You will then be sent an email with an activation link contained within;
click on the link and eh voilá, you are registered.
Step 3: You must then log in (by clicking on the 'Login' link) to send a match request.
When a match is requested, the database is searched for other players with similar preferences.
Your request for a game is then automatically sent by email to matching players, giving them your contact information.
Interested players may respond by email or telephone. You determine how you wish to be contacted.

Is it safe to use?

Of course!

How does it work? Is it safe to use?

Of course!