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Windsors King Arthur

Windsors King ArthurArthur Norris gets  Windsor lifetime achievement award

The Lord Mayor of Belfast visited Windsor Tennis Club Belfast on Tuesday 20th November to present Windsors King Arthur Norris with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Sport. The Lord Mayor joined in a game of doubles with the redoubtable Windsor man, who has been a member of the Windsor Tennis club for most of his 90 years. “I’ve never considered playing anywhere else in Belfast’ said Arthur.

The BBC Belfast news team were there and you can see their I-player  clip here – or click the pic. Probably will only be there for 30 days or so.

Windsors King ArthurFANTASTIC to be still playing tennis at 98!

There will also be photographs and articles in the News Letter, Belfast Telegraph, and Irish News.