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Windsor - a timely win. Windsor Clock watchersWindsor  timely win at Lisburn Racquets C

We arrived promptly at Lisburn Racquets Club  to play their C Team. At 7.20pm I began to wonder if there had been another mix up in the fixtures. Indeed there had been. A few frantic phone calls later and an opposing team was magically cobbled together with the match eventually starting at 8ish. Windsor Clockwatchers!

Duncan Macaulay v Andy Hall

Andy can hit a mean ball but will not/cannot move about the court. Drop him Duncan. Duncan bucked the trend of late coming out of the blocks quickly for a change. A straightforward 9/1 win in the first game was however followed by a 10/8 loss in the second. He admitted that he was just messing about in that game and he soon settled down playing those drops to win the third game 9/0 and the fourth 9/2. 3-1 to Windsor.

John Crossey v Colm Gordon

John took on the timid little whippet Colm Gordon. Colm can fairly motor about the court and retrieved many shots that we all thought John had put away. John had far too much firepower and skill for Colm to cope with. Even though the second game was close John’s hard hitting length and width coupled with smart drops and boasts resulted ultimately in a comfortable 3/0 victory.

Conor O’Neill v Ronnie Stephenson

This was Conor’s first league match for Windsor and I think I’m right in saying that it was his first ever league match to boot. He travelled all the way down from Coleraine to play – take note non committed squash players! Conor’s game has improved immensely of late and even though he sometimes tries to run through the walls I was very impressed. “Youthful exuberance” says John McBride the local club’s stalwart member. Conor moved his “senior” opponent about the court and executed some fine drops. A very good 3/0 victory for Conor.

Stephen Boyd v Derek Rollins

This was big Derek’s first game this season just coming back from injury. It didn’t really show as he pressurised me with fine length and tricky reverse boasts. The excesses of a weekend in Kells began to tell but fortunately I did just enough to see him off in 3.

A satisfactory 13-1 victory over weakened opposition. Retired for supper upstairs with much chat about injuries and cortisone injections. Very boring for my team of youngsters.