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Windsor gets all modern, yes folks we’ve now got Facebook! So, if you’re like me, it’s pretty alien stuff, but if you’re one of our younger members, like Louis McC, then this is pretty exciting stuff! Yes sir!

Why did we set this up? Well, in truth, our younger members were telling us Teens are simply just not into email anymore – usage among 12 to 17 year olds went down an amazing 59% last year. In the age of SMS, Twitter, and short Facebook comments or private messages, it seems emails are too long and/or formal to be used in daily, non-professional communication. So, you said, we did!

We have also setup a link from our website which will automatically post new news items (like this one) which means that you can keep up with what is happening at Windsor by keeping logged in to your Facebook account. You are also free to post any comments of your own on the Windsor Facebook wall, post photos etc.

Click the logo to go to the Windsor Facebook page

Windsor Facebook


Thanks to David French for setting it all up – that’s a cute way of saying ‘If you have any Facebook questions, ask David!’