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Windsor Foot Fault Recidivists

2 Good 2 Bad….

I was down at the club recently, in a somewhat snap-happy mood, and was appalled, yes APPALLED dear reader at the foot fault mistakes that I was observing from the Balcony. Windsor Foot Fault Recidivists a-plenty!! At the finest tennis club in Belfast!

IS THIS THE WAY WE WERE BROUGHT UP TO PLAY TENNIS??!! No Sir, it was NOT! Things will have to change!!

In mitigation, some were good, some were downright bad and your task is to identify them!

Windsor Foot Fault RecidivistsWindsor Foot Fault Recidivists
Windsor Foot Fault RecidivistsWindsor Foot Fault Recidivists

Anyway, I’ve shown 4 photos, and to introduce a bit of fun I’ve generously put up a prize of £10 to go on your top up card. (Of course you have to have your top up card first! see link Windsor Gives Money back to members!)

All you have to do is correctly name the ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad’, reading left to right and send your responses to racqueditor@windsortennis.co.uk

To claim your prize, I’m accepting the first correct response received after 17:00 on Monday 23 September. 

This lets people who receive the email at work get their response in on time. Good luck!

(Those in the photos not allowed to enter  – sorries!) 😥