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Windsor Club B v Ballyearl Club B

Windsor Tennis Club Belfast B Team Home match against Ballyearl with Greg absent due to a call up to the A team.

Stephen Boyd v William Watson
I played William last year and had a close game so I expected much the same this time. I raced into an early lead with William tinning the ball many times. Seemingly in control at 6-2 up I managed to lose the first game 9/7. The mistake was not repeated in the next game when an early lead was converted into a 9/3 win. William has some tricky shots and I was caught with a few “taxi” moves in game three and lost it 9/5. Don’t know whether William simply ran out of gas or my play improved but I wrapped it up fairly quickly in games four and five 9/0, 9/1 for a 3/2 victory.

Ben Fetherston v Maurice McAteer
Promoted to number 1 Ben faced the experienced Maurice ex of Nortel Club. This turned out to be a stern test for Ben and also for his gorgeous girlfriend Seainin watching in the wings. This was a real battle and Seainin spent most of it hiding behind the sofa. Breath slowly and calmly she said – not easy when you’re haring about the court like a ………hare. Ben was in control at first winning the first game fairly comfortably 9/2. Maurice took some advice at the break and was much more determined in the second game. Too many unforced errors came from Ben in this game and it was soon all square. Concentrate on your length and don’t go for long range winners was the instruction to our man. A marathon of a third game could have gone either way but Ben held his nerve to win it 10/9. It was all over bar the still shouting Maurice, 9/3 to Ben and 3/1 to Windsor Club B so far.

Myles Meaney v Mark Lyttle
Lyttle by name and little in stature, Mark is an accomplished squash player. Mike Fetherston reminded us

Windsor Club B sponge cake

that he played Mark in his first ever league match and was absolutely trounced. I didn’t get to see the first game which Myles lost 9/4. Too many errors was again the verdict. Once Myles cut out the mistakes and played with intensity he was duly rewarded. Tight squash, patient build up, good length, accurate boasts and telling drops saw Myles win this match in style 4/9, 9/1, 9/4, 9/0. 3/1 to Windsor.

Mike Fetherston v Phil McGrath
Phil has a very powerful forehand with a backhand not far behind. Mike played a good game varying the pace to keep Phil on his toes. It certainly didn’t look like Mike hadn’t played for several weeks as he pressurised Phil with a good level of intensity and accurate squash. He did very well to take the ball early at every opportunity making his opponent work hard to stay in touch and forcing many errors. Apart from a slight blip when he lost the third game this was a comfortable victory and good scalp for Mike. 3/1 to Windsor.

A convincing 13-5 points victory for the Windsor Club B Team.
We retired to the Club bar for a veritable feast provided by Myles. Delicious pizzas (cooked to perfection), sausage rolls and chicken bites followed by a Victoria Sponge, profiteroles and chocolate sauce.