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Well, what a success Ballycastle was for our first ever trip away as a Bridge Club!

On Tuesday 6thJune 2017, we meandered up to the north coast on a slightly overcast, blustery and windswept day. By various means the troops arrived to book into the Marine Hotel, Ballycastle. The mood was very definitely light and gregarious, and the lobby was almost deafening on the noise decibel scale!

Once booked in, our intrepid troops had various ways of dealing with a few days away from home. Some decided to brave the weather and took a brisk walk along the beach with a swirling and gusting wind playing havoc with the ladies’ coiffure. Others looked out and declared ‘No,’ and there ensued various intricate negotiations as to either retreating to the bedroom with a good book and a cup of tea, or perhaps a much more bracing alcoholic beverage to help one recover from the perilous journey to the north coast!

Come dinner time it was good to see that our total still numbered nineteen – so far so good and all present and correct. Replete from our meal, our first evening’s bridge play commenced and some enjoyable hands were played over a very social few hours.

The next morning as the flurry down to breakfast gained momentum, our next adventure was about to begin – a trip to Rathlin. The walk to the ferry terminal was discussed at great length. What supplies would we need, and did we require a ‘Plan B?’ Finally convinced that a two hundred metre walk might just be within our remit, we struggled across the road and bravely took on the tiny incline. Arriving exhausted, but determined, we meekly collected our ferry tickets!

Ferry Crossing to Rathlin 7th June 2017

Well, were we lucky with the weather? It was an absolutely lovely day. Buoyed by the landscape of this beautiful island our intrepid explorers rose to the occasion. Those in the know jumped straight onto the bus and enjoyed some very entertaining, witty commentary from the driver. Ancient folklore, the Banshee in all her guises, were all explained with great gusto. I’m not entirely certain that the Swiss tourists quite got the gist of it all!

The bird sanctuary was well worth a visit to see the Puffins, a Peregrine Falcon and other various species. Back near the harbour there were numerous seals that were so well camouflaged against the rocks, we almost missed them.

Standing in line for the return ferry from Rathlin to Ballycastle 7th June 2017

Returning to base, the happy troops were all unanimous in their praise of the day’s activities.

After dinner, on our final evening, we had another enjoyable few hours of bridge play. The night was young, and the hotel bar closed early – panic ensued! Various courageous members of our group scouted the local area, and finally, a door opened, a wonderful entrancing light beckoned, and to our amazement we were in ‘The Harbour Bar’ where everyone enjoyed a few drinks, good banter and good company.

You know an outing is successful when everyone is making suggestons as to where our adventures should take us next year.

Finally, I wish to sincerely thank David – this trip was his brainchild, and he did all the hard work in putting it together. Next year David, next year.



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There are some lovely photos posted of our Ballycastle Rathlin trip.


Club Play – Our current format is as follows:

Monday evening & Thursday evening club play – commences at 7.20pm – this is appropriate for people who already know how to play bridge – fee is £2 for tennis club members and £3 for non-tennis club members. Any pair interested in this session just needs to turn up on the night. Please contact acurrie@talktalk.net if you would like to join in on any of these sessions.

Beginners GroupDavid is currently running a large beginners group which is great news for our club. If you have any queries about these classes or future sessions then please email to david.clmnt@gmail.com

Please encourage your friends who might like to play to contact us at the club.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Angela Currie (Chair)