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Windsor bravely into Battle, know no fear – Windsor A vs Ballyearl A

Windsor Battle against BallyearlThe A team left Belfast and  travelled to the Ballyearl club this week knowing we were going to have a battle on our hands.

Jonny vs Mo ‘da’ McAteer aka Mackers (alright son not too bad son)

Jonny got off to a great start against Maurice playing some fantastic length and by holding his shots Maurice was in a state of confusion, not too bad! First game to Jonny fairly comfortable. However Maurice came back into it very quickly, having given himself a couple of ‘come on sons’. Jonny failed to achieve the same length he was getting in the first game and lost the next two games. Come on son not too bad son! The next two games were tight but our man just did enough to edge it. Not too bad son 3-2 Windsor.


DG vs Billy White

Interestingly every Ballyearl player mysteriously disappeared when a referee was being appointed for this match. I tried to tell them there would be no nonsense out of our man, but it didn’t seem to cut much ice. They needn’t have worried. This was a good game of squash with both players sticking very much to their own plan. Billy whacking it as hard as he could and David slowing it right down, playing some great lobs followed up with some good boasts. Playing a cool calculated game David found himself 2-1 up with a match ball, but unfortunately was not able to convert it. Billy dug in and played well to pip our man in the 5th. Really good performance from David. 2-3 Ballyearl.

Michael vs Neil Pollock

Neil has certainly got himself very fit and is playing a serious amount of competitive squash. So a tough encounter was in store for Michael. Our man was not intimidated in the slightest by the lean fit Mr Pollock and was very unlucky not to take the first game losing it 15-13. Michael was playing some great squash: very tight, good length and some fantastic retrieving. This paid off with Michael taking the 3rd game, but Neil was to continue playing some very nice squash and secured the match. 1-3 Windsor.

Myself vs Norman Kernaghan

I was last up against the Duracell bunny that is Norman. Norman is unbelievably fit and extremely quick around the court. The first game was a bit frantic, but close. The next two games were much better with myself trying to play a more relaxed thinking game. No matter how tight I thought I had put it, Norman was on the end of it. Despite my efforts and 3 very close games I was unable to secure any points for the team, but there is always next week! 0-3 Ballyearl.

We retired to bar and I must confess I was looking forward to the Ballyearl tea which is normally anything from chilli, lasagne, or even a burger. Billy informed us he can’t be bothered anymore and it was easier to order in Dominoes, or so he thought. Michael couldn’t wait any longer, deciding his fitness regime started now ( don’t worry Michael, I stuck up for you when the boys said you where going to stop for a Big Mac meal/ double cheeseburger/ strawberry milkshake), Jonny was so quiet I thought he had slipped into a diabetic coma induced by hunger, so when they finally arrived close to 11o’clock, you could almost feel the disappointment from certain quarters when 2 medium pizzas were produced. Good fun nonetheless discussing the state of Irish squash and the thought of playing internationally in your 80s. Just hope I make it.