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Windsor Barrier

windsor barrierFollowing a review of the procedures and processes within the club, access to the club via The Windsor Barrier is now only by using your swipe card. The buzzer option has been disabled so the consequences of this are that if you forgot your card you won’t be able to drive into the tennis club.





Windsor Barrier

We’ve taken this step for two reasons; under the Registration of Clubs (Northern Ireland) order we have to maintain at all time a record of members who are using the club facilities at Windsor. There are a sizeable number of members who aren’t bringing their cards and are therefore not signing into the club. Additionally, members aren’t using the swipe card reader on the reception desk to sign in (the old sign-in book is no longer used) so we have no records available for inspection by the appropriate authorities – usually the PSNI.

The second reason for bringing your card and swiping at the Windsor barrier is that reception is not always manned so you could find yourself pressing the buzzer, but there is no-one at the other end to answer!

ALSO, don’t forget that Windsor gave every club member a credit sum on their card to use against purchases made on the premises e.g. coffee, sweets, tennis balls, squash balls, food and drink etc. You still have a few weeks to use this free, yes FREE credit sum. Just bring your card!

So, the motto is ‘if you haven’t got it you can’t use it; if you  can’t use it then you stand to lose!’

That didn’t really rhyme did it? 🙂