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Adele!! Gasp!! Yes!! Really!!

Last week end we guested for the Miraflores club tennis team v a visiting Vets Ltc of GB- all vets internationals. Great event playing wise and socially.

Yesterday we visited Marbella and had a great day. Carole loves the shops and fashion (you can take the girl out of Belfast, ya can’t take Belfast outta da girl…). Today it is raining heavily so a day for soduku and catching up on e mails etc.

Here in Miraflores, Costa del Sol, after some tough tennis training we all headed to the nearby Legends Club to hear an Adele!! sound alike.


What a fantastic voice! The whole Adele!! repertoire was performed brilliantly to rapturous applause from all of us. Willie&Carol – Adele!! movie. (Opens in Windsor YouTube account)

Then she sang Duffy, and Amy Winehouse for good measure!

Next week Shirley Bassey is the top act – too good to miss.

Last weekend saw Carole and myself guesting for the Miraflores club v a very strong visiting Vets Club of GB. Interestingly one of the women from GB is a close pal of former Windsor great and Wimbledon player Sue Minford! I asked for her to tell Sue that Windsor Belfast wishes her well.

Sue was a great left hander and was put through her paces at Windsor in the early 70s by our late President Viv Gotto. I believe Sue reached about no. 60 in world rankings when on the pro tour.

Playing on clay courts is a great challenge for anyone, especially if never experienced before. A test of stamina, skill and most of all patience! Rallies can last for 30/40 shots as seldom can a point be won with a big winner, unless of course you can completely overpower you opponent!
But a wonderful learning experience!

Bye for now