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Our time at Cala Mesquida where we had based ourselves was coming to an end. There had been some success with Carole bursting through the 1000 world rankings barrier and getting to the singles final. I had lost out to Savadore in a marathon but gained a lot in experience.

Our friends  from Germany Tostan and Suzanne were staying in a  nearby hotel and invited us to join them for a Big O Tribute band night. So we mosy along at 9pm and wait. And wait. No band appears. At last Tostan approaches the management. “Vy is ze Pretty Woman – the kind I like to meet- not walking down ze street zis evening?

No remonstrations unfortunately succeed in producing the Roy Orbison Tribute band. The Pretty Woman must have been washing her hair that night.

Peguera is a delightful little German village and after finding our apartment we saunter down to the centre of the town. First poster we see advertises an Oktober beerfest! There is no stopping Carole.

In a large arena there is a huge event in progress with girls dressed in traditional German costumes with gingham skirts and hair in platts and men in liederhosen. It is a mini Munich!  two litre jugs of beer are on each table. Before long we are up on the tables with our German friends belting out Que Sera Sera with the best of them. A memorable night.

WillieAndCarole - Windsors representatives in SpainOutside to our amazement there is a sound of shouting and we see a policeman talking to someone who seems familiar. Could it be? Yes it is my tennis opponent Salvadore! We beat a hasty retreat.

Next day I find I am drawn to play Salvadore in the 2nd round. As it happens Rafa the organiser tells me that Savadore has withdrawn and has gone to hospital!

So I relax only to be told next day that Salvadore has checked himself out and is waiting to play me. Not again.

So after another 3 hour duel I lose out again.

Anyway good experience and on to the next at Costa Calma. Lets hope it lives up to its name!

Hasta luego!