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turn lights off!

turn lights off

Finally, a plea from the GPC, – we’re faced with mounting electricity bills, especially coming into the winter months so don’t forget to turn lights off as you leave the tennis courts!

And while we’re at it, some energy tips for the home!

1. Unplug whatever is not in use at the time.
Many household appliances (answering machines, TVs, computers, etc.) use about three to four watts of electricity even when they are “off.” The energy used up by each appliance by itself may seem minor, but all together, the costs do add up.

Tip: Chargers are particularly deceiving. Many people have the tendency to leave cell phone (and other) chargers plugged in 24/7—not realizing that a charger continues to eat up electricity even when it isn’t actually attached to its “chargee.”

2. Invest in energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.
Energy-saving bulbs cost more than regular bulbs, but also last longer (almost a year in some cases) and use up less energy.

Tip: Buy the “warm white” instead of the regular fluorescent bulbs. They give off a nice yellow glow, and make your house look less like a twenty-four-hour roadside clinic. Also, use one large bulb instead of several small ones. One large one-hundred-watt incandescent bulb produces more light than two small sixty-watt bulbs—with 20 percent less energy.