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Tuesday night showdown

Windsor B team v Ballyearl squash club

First match of the second half – time to see if all the intensive training over Christmas had paid off….

Ben v Willie Watson
Ben was up first against a Ballyearl player who likes a hard running game, one thing he wasn’t going to get here. I predicted it to be close at the start, with Ben pulling away, and I was right, apart from the bit about it being close at the start. Ben won the first comfortably, and Willie was all at sea against Ben’s greater variety and change of pace. 3-0 Windsor in fairly quick time.

Me v Maurice McAteer
Right son? How’s it going, son? etc etc from Mo – nothing new there. He always seems to be recovering from some major injury, the latest one being a wrist problem where he lost nearly all feeling in his hand – the perils of a long career as a joiner. However he was hitting the ball well enough and is always tricky. I won the first before getting dragged into longer rallies than desired, and it became a battle after that. Played well enough otherwise, and despite one or two questionable (I thought so anyway) decisions from their ref, and some marathon rallies, I got a lead in the fifth and took it 3-2.

Stephen v Mal Robinson
Mal appeared at the last minute, with some confusion as to who their number 4 actually was (Vinty Morgan was rumoured to be making make a rare appearance), and he is a very handy player to bring in. However, Stephen never got his normal game going, and with Ballyearl always proving a difficult court to hit a good length ball, too many shots dropped short where Mal dealt with them convincingly. 3-0 Ballyearl.

Mike v Phil McGrath
Mike beat Phil in the first half and Phil wasn’t too confident of reversing the result before the match. However he started very well, taking the first two games by reaching a lot of balls and forcing mistakes from Mike. Advice to Mike was to slow it down and keep the ball tighter, and this started to work as the gained control and Phil began to feel the effects of his efforts in the first two games. The third and fourth were won comfortably, and Mike held off a last effort from Phil in the fifth to complete the comeback 3-2.

Tuesday night showdown10-7 Windsor. Superb.

Supper was two large Domino’s pizzas and chips, but even with Mal leaving early they didn’t last long and they could have gone for more – come on guys, it’s 2 for 1 on a Tuesday night! Waaaah! Waaaah!

Tuesday night showdown
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Tuesday night showdown
Windsor B team v Ballyearl squash club - 4 great matches, but will there be enough Dominos pizzas for supper??!!