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Time and Windsor squash

Windsor B v David Lloyd.

Time and Windsor squash wait for no manTime and Windsor squash wait for no man.

First game of the new season at our home venue of Windsor Tennis Club Belfast, up against on paper a strong Lloyds Belfast team who won Division 2 last year. We expected to face the delightful Gavin at 1, with Sheryl Abernethy at 2 plus the rest. However, a combination of cry-offs on the two Premier teams plus some shambolic organization left our opponents in a somewhat weakened state.

Myles v Stephen Rogan

Stevie has been around for a good while and gets around the court very well, but should not have enough to trouble Myles unduly. Myles seemed well in control after the first, but let the second slip to let Stevie in. Some good tight squash took the third, and the fourth nearly escaped from 8-5 up, but Myles did enough to avoid a decider. 3-1 Windsor.

Me v Jonathan Whiteside

I went on next as Lloyds numbers 3 and 4 mysteriously had not arrived even though it was after 8:00. Jonathan hits a decent ball but was a bit rusty having not played much during the off-season (unlike myself, who was never off the court over the summer). Despite the many distractions involved in playing at Lloyds, the court itself was playing nicely and there were some good rallies but my opponent hit a few too many tins. The third was a bit tighter but it ended 3-0 and an enjoyable game.

Ben v Gordon McCullough

Problems had set in on the Lloyds team at this stage as it appeared that neither of those who were supposed to play 3 and 4 were aware of this. A phone call was required to get Gordon to come down and he probably wished he hadn’t bothered as he subsided to a fairly comprehensive 3-0 defeat. He was no match for Ben who ran out an easy winner with little difficulty.

Lloyds number 4 never did appear, but fortunately Mike’s evening wasn’t totally wasted as the ever-affable Mike Ellis agreed to play him, having played his own match earlier. Probably the best match of the night as Mike took a game against the extremely tricky Premier league man.

Even though it was a maximum 13-1, a somewhat unsatisfactory start to the season. Stevie indicated afterwards that he had been appointed Lloyds team captain at 10:00 pm the night before – good preparation! Looks like they will struggle this year with two teams in the top division. At least the sandwiches were nice, and Stevie went home armed with a “foam roller” donated by George Morris – basically a strip of foam which you roll yourself against (!) which cures all known muscle injuries apparently.