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How many times have you begun a match only to think after a few games that nothing is going your way and you have no chance of winning? Yesterday was such a day for me.

tennis hellWith my partner Juan we played Marcelo and Ignacio in a club match. We started poorly and it was downhill all the way from there. Our opponents were on fire and we were drowning! Tennis Hell! In a whiz we had lost 6/0 6/0 and moved into the 3rd set.

In an effort to bring some semblance of respectability to the scoreline we battled hard for the first game and then broke their serve for a 2/0 lead. Suddenly the tide had turned and the wind was in our sails! We moved to 5/0 and closed out at 6/1!

The second set was a mirtor image of the first and our Aussie formation on the ad court seemed to completely baffle them. 6/1 to us and then 10/7 to us in the championship tie break! What a turnaround! From tennis hell to tennis heaven as my partner Juan said!

One aspect of tiebreaks now to note is that under ITF Seniors rules the change rounds in tie breaks occur after the first point and every subsequent 4 points. Thus 1,5,9,13,17 etc. research has shown this to be the fairest system apparently.

The next ITF tournament is at the Hotel Don Carlos which is about 5 kilometres away starting Sunday week. So heres hoping the sun keeps shining!

Hasta luego!
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