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rain in spain

rain in spainRain in Spain – It is supposed to fall mainly on the plain but here it is bucketing everywhere. No play is possible in the Don Carlos tourney with horrendous windy and wet conditions at the club.

At the Miraflores tennis club a group of young full time tennis players from France Holland and Germany have arrived with a Dutch coach and a coach from Nashville. What a start to the coaching session! Mixing with us Windsor Belfast ones! All tried hard to get some practice in but had to concede to the conditions and left like drowned rats poor things!

On a day like today nothing for it but to have lunch out. Us Belfast ones joined a group of Belgians and headed off towards Fuengerola to a Danish centre. The Belgians love a dish called Steak Tartare which to me looks simply like raw meat with chips! I played safe with grilled breaded plaice!

Opinions are split here on the decision of the Turkish referee to give Manchester Utds Nani a red card in the big match v Real Madrid. Of course locals here believe it had no bearing on the games outcome but who can tell. And of course Rooneys omission from the line up may spell the end for him at the Old Trafford club.

Ulster and Ireland have been flagging recently at rugby but hopefully Saturday v France may turn out better. Young Paddy Jackson is fit and needs a good game to lift his spirits and those of the Ulster club team.

In the tennis box leagues the revised March leagues are up but no games played yet. I will be up against it having moved up a league! But good experience really. There are 6 in my league and I am the sole non Spanish person. The other 5 all are working guys who come here for 1 and a half hours to play the necessary 2 sets.

I have just checked and am due to play at 11:30 am tomor v Primi Sanchez coach at Don Carlos. Twice I have lost to him so must change tactics tomorrow and see how it goes. Hopefully no rain in Spain!

Hasta luego!