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Winners of Belfast and District Division 6, Windsor B team.

The PATriot’s of Windsor.

Loyal to Windsor and their Captain Pat. Congratulations to all team members in winning division 6, Belfast and district league. All matches were played competitively by team members in the most sporting fashion. Some to mention were; our number 1 Wimbledon stringer Roger Henry, who covered the court at the speed of lightning. Accompanied by his eloquent mixed doubles partner, Cathy Fay in her typical competitive approach.

Recently introduced to the mixed league, young Patrick Keane stepped up to the mark in the league due to his energising performance. Valerie McCreedy assisted in Patrick’s mixed doubles pairing by bringing experience and expertise in the matches.

Number 3 seed, Christopher Shepperd was devoted to the team but due to his impending marital proceedings, his commitments may have been placed off the court. When he played, he did in his natural stylish and successful form. His partner, Alice Clarke, like the other girls in the team, brings years of experience in the mixed league and was successful at winning points.

Number 4 seed; myself the captain (Pat). This is my first year of captaining a mixed league, even though I have played for more years than I can remember. I was ably accompanied by my talented mixed partner, Claire Mc Ilwaine, who contributed to both of us successfully winning all of our mixed doubles matches in the league. Claire was a bit concerned that I was observing all the other matches as an intrigued captain, anticipating on successful outcomes on the other neighbouring courts. She had to remind me on a couple of occasions to focus on our own court.

Can I thank my supersubs; Ray McIntyre and Lucie Frazer who helped out in the absence of Christopher Shepperd and Alice Clarke. Following up on our successful achievement of winning the league of the division 6, we now play the winners of division 11 who happen to be our Windsor D team. Now called “The Dominators”, by their captain Don McCreedy, will now meet the PATroit’s, captained by Pat McFerran at our mutual home venue, ie Windsor LTC

To be held on TUESDAY 21st JUNE at 6.30pm

All friends, family and club members are welcomed to attend this unique friendly competitive match between two internal teams fighting out for the Division League Challenge Cup.

May the best team win

Captain Pat (HaHa)