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A very unusual, some might even say unique thing has happened, and it happened at Belfast’s friendliest tennis club this weekend.

If you didn’t know that two Britons have made history by reaching the Gentlemen’s Finals of  the Wimbledon Championships you have been locked in a darkened room with no communication to the outside world. So, I hear you ask, what is the connection with Windsor, except for tennis?

Well this week one of Windsor’s most active players, Arthur Norris, will celebrate his 98th birthday. While no doubt there are many others who have reached this considerable landmark, there are few, if any, who would celebrate the feat by playing their regular Saturday game of men’s doubles, and think no more of it. This is one of two regular games played each week by this exceptional man.

For many years Arthur gave of his time and talents to the running of Windsor Tennis Club, and for that the Club is very grateful. Nowadays Arthur enjoys playing on the great facilities he helped to provide for.
Arthur watched the Gentlemen’s Final on Sunday, and I expect his mind did wander back to the last time a Briton, Fred Perry, played in a Wimbledon Singles Final some 76 years ago. I know we all wished for a similar result this time around, but few will have the memory span to cover the two matches like Arthur!

To mark this occasion, Club Chairman Gordon Addy presented Arthur with a small gift from the Wimbledon gift shop, on behalf of Windsor Tennis Club.

Coffee and birthday cake was then enjoyed by some of the Club members and Arthur’s playing partners, and the chat turned to that match 76 years ago……