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Those of you with a long memory will remember that Louis McCullagh organised a fund-raiser in about May of last year, where he showed a selection of 10 short films by various short-film makers from around the world.

Well, Louis’ efforts have finally been rewarded, the film was finished a few weeks ago, and one of the biggest USA film Festivals¬† RHODE ISLAND FILM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL has selected the film for screening and competition.

They got over 4900 entries this year from over 60 countries, they select about 120 short films to be shown over the 5 days of the festival. So getting selected is quite important ESPECIALLY as they are one of the very small and select group of festivals around the world who nominate films for Oscars.

If you click this link, you will hear in Louis’s own words the reason for the film, it’s poignancy and relevancy to everyone, to us all, in Northern Ireland.


Louis at his night job . . .