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Lose an hour, gain 50 pounds!

Clocks are falling back today, but there’s no need to lose out. lose an hour

Windsor Tennis Club Belfast are celebrating the clock going backward today by running a special offer to all our members!

Between today Oct 26 and Mar 29 2015 we are rewarding Windsor members with £50 for every new member they introduce to the club.*

So, don’t delay, get ringing your friends!

  • Tell them what a friendly place Windsor is.
  • Why it’s the finest club in Belfast.
  • And if they join during the winter they will get use of the covered courts inside the Dome too.



  1. £50 paid to current Windsor Tennis Club Belfast  members who get a friend to join the club.
  2. Offer applies to Full Playing, Joint, Family, Off-Peak and Intermediate.
  3. Only the above named categories are eligible.
  4. Offer ends Mar 29 2015
  5. Successful participants will be issued with a voucher, which is redeemable 6 months after the member joins.
  6. This promotion is open to all Windsor members, ie any member from any category (with the exception of Junior members) can introduce a new member to the club.
  7. Note: the existing member must introduce the prospective member to a member of reception,  prior to that prospective member submitting an application. The introduction must be by way of email. phone call or accompanying the prospective member into the club.
Article Name
Lose an hour, gain £50
Details of a special membership offer to attract new members.