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Drying socks at Canyamel

A short flight Sunday morning to Palma Mallorca and into a queue for car hire. Can anyone explain why it takes an eternity to hire a pre booked car when you have already provided details via internet?
A one hour drive north east takes us to Font desa Cala for a Grade 1 ITF tournament.
A race against time to get there and I lose to a German 6/2 6/1. I am really struggling with a hamstring problem but battling on.
This is a massive tourney with most of the worlds top vets in all age groups. A friendly face in the form of Lesley OHalloran is good to see – she is no 2 seed in womens 45s.
Our new digs is at Cala Mesquida -8 kilomtrs away- basic apt but nice resort.
Today we drive over to Font de sa Cala and watch Leslie thrash a tiny French woman 6/1 6/1.
I go by courier bus to Aguit and play a German – Uli. Ist set I am bamboozled and suffer a bagel! Carole gives me no hope! But drawing on the powers of all the Windsor greats of former years I battle on and square the match 6/admin.

In the championship tie break I race to a 4/0 lead but quickly squander it but get a match point at 9/8 only to serve a double. Fortunately I get a smash which I put away on the next match point and close out the match.

Next day I head to Canyamel  – a new venue – and play the no. 4 seed – Herman. With Carole and Leslie encouraging me from the sidelines I salami slice the German to oblivion and win by 2 bagels, much to his discomfort and the amusement of his friends. They gave him a pair of sunglasses, a German tradition for thiose suffering a 2 bagel defeat.

Back to Cala Mesquida and it is time for relaxing on the beach in a wonderful little sandy cove. Carole rushes into the sea with waves enveloping her whilst I rest on the beach! The Germans really rule here and not an English speaker within hearing.

Carole produces a 5 star dinner out of nothing in limited facilities and then we are out me doing this blog and Carole sipping the local Don Quixote wine.

A text from Leslie alerts me to the fact I am on at 9am to mor at Font de Sa Cala in my qtr final and she plays also there at noon. So it could be an early night. On the other hand……..

Our friends Alaister and Vivienne from Marbella call us and say they are missing us. Aw bless them! We promise to meet up in Scotland – sometime November.

In the main draw the really big matches are taking shape with Andrew Rae of Australia likely to play Alan Rasmussen, the Great Dane! The standard of play is awesome and a real lesson for afficionados of tennis.. It is one thing playing a few shots on astro but here on clay it often takes thirty strokes before a rally ends to win one point! And then start the next point! In 35 C!

But great fun.

Hasta luego.