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WillieAndCarole soaking up the good life….sigh…Hasta luego.

A veritable Aesops fables from Willie
Friday 23.Nov 2012
Hasta luegoCarole plays mixed with Artiro Smirnov from Russia.
Don Carlos ITF Tournament
Tournament action has begun at the 5 star Don Carlos hotel in Marbella where Carole plays singles and mixed doubles with Mr Smirnov from Russia!

In her round robin event Carole has swept all before her to win the event and consolidate her ITF number 1 position in her age group in Ireland. Another whooopee for Windsor Tennis Club Belfast!

Later today she plays mixed with Mr Smirnov. Will it be a sobering experience?

I have exited the singles at the 2nd round stage 6/3 6/1 v Ignacio who is very steady. However my calf injury did hamper me somewhat. At 100% fit I would have had a chance albeit a slim one!

In the 55 mens doubles I play with Primitivo Sanchez and we are seeded 2. First match is tomorrow.

Primi at this moment is playing his singles match and is losing to Frank Van Lervan from Holland. Will he be in bad form for our doubles or play better as it is our last event?

The 70s mens singles is the most exciting event here because an unseeded ex Swedish Davis Cup player is cruising through the event without dropping any games! He is Christo Holm and played 40 years ago with Lundquist whom those of you of a certain vintage will remember from Wimbledon.  I see he is now in semi having won again quite easily.

Each of these tournaments has its own character and atmosphere; there are reunions with players returning from year to year and some new faces. It is like a new semester at Uni where novices are wanting to know the lie of the land from the older hands.

So now we are looking for Carole’s mxt partner Mr Smirnov and a good vantage point to watch her match.

Best wishes for now

Hasta luego.



Saturday 24 Nov 2012
Back at Don Carlos club on Saturday in a cool day with some clouds but hopefully no rain.

The 70s singles mens final was a top class affair with unseeded Christo Holm from Sweden winning in 3 sets over No 1 seed from Italy. The Italian actually retired in the 3rd to dash off for his flight but I feel he was on his way out anyway.

Carole’s dalliance with Arturo Smirnov from Russia in the mixed was short lived. The Smirnov shots proved weaker than water and in the mixed they simply evaporated. Carole I thought played well though so just a match for her to put behind her.

My conqueror Ignacio is now playing his semi v a German guy in a close match and will have his work cut out. I have a 55 mens doubles at 2:30pm with my partner Primi from Spain so I will need to psyche myself up.

In discussion here on the balcony the off court experts discuss clay court tactics and stroke making. Top spin, depth of shot, consistency, patience, double handed back hand – we have it cracked I think! How easy it is to play tennis from off the court!

Hasta luego


Sunday 25 Nov 2012
Hasta luegoChris Hill of Wales and Javier Lazcano of Spain before their singles final.
Welsh vets international Chris Hill and his wife Gail joined us for evening dinner yesterday. Chris and partner won the 55 mens doubles beating our conquerors in straight sets.

Today Chris is in the 55 singles final and is up against a brilliant Spanish player called Javier Lazcano. Good luck Chris!

Our mens doubles was a disappointing performance in a match we could have won but didn’t. Neither of us played near our best and our opponents deserved their victory. My calf injury held up ok though.
On a sunny day at the Don Carlos tennis club prizes were awarded to winners and runners up.

Hasta luegoCarole picks up her trophy for ladies singles +60
Chris Hill from Wales was simply outplayed in his 55 singles final v Javier and although he played well lost 6/0 6/1.

Ronan O’Callaghan who lives here but hails from Cork played brilliantly to win the 35 mens doubles with Rodrigo from Argentina.



Tuesday 27 Nov 2012
On south side of Marbella lies the Puente Romano hotel venue for this weeks ITF tournament. Carole plays a lady from France and I a German named Schultz.

Carole has an arm problem and I have a leg muscle problem so we haven’t an arm and a legs chance!

We also are in the mxt troubles if our bodies last out.

There is no doubt these matches do take their toll on the limbs.

Carole has lost now in a match she could have won and may not be able to play mxt. So we will have to wait and see.

At least the sun is still shining!

Hasta luego!



Tuesday 4 Dec 2012
Lookng back on Puente Romano tournament we have to be reasonably happy with the outcome. Carole in her round robin won 1 of 2 and I lost to the eventual winner. But our mixed doubles final was such an exciting affair. We won the first set 6/4 lost the 2nd 7/5. And from 9/7 down in the tie break we won 11/9! Carole was great with her volleys.
The big news was the mens doubles final win of Liam Cassidy and Kevin Noble from Leinster in 40s. A fantastic result.

And so to La Manga – a 5-6 hour trip by car over the mountains.

Sadly my calf is worse and I played but had no chance as I couldn’t run. Carole lost 2 tough matches and we also have tough doubles matches. No mixed in this event.

At least the sun is still shining. Hope it’s the same in Belfast!

Hasta luego.