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 Handbags and gladrags


Market day in Fuengerola is Tuesday and what a hive of activity! Operating in the centre of town on the Malaga side is a hustling and bustling street market where everything is sold including your granny! And the price is never right. Just like St Georges market back home in Belfast!

Row upon row of street stalls sell everything from fruit and veg to designer clothes some of which are not fakes! Wallets, handbags, scarves and amazingly piles of red underwear! Apparently to wear red undies on New Years Eve ensures good luck for the forthcoming year!

Handbags are Carole’s weakness and manages to barter one down from 30 Euro to 10! I wouldn’t have the nerve. (You can take the girl out of Belfast but you can’t take Belfast….)

In the lead up to Christmas the streets and shops are elaborately decorated in artistic style. Malaga city itself is unbelievably glittering and beautiful and attracts parents with hordes of excited children. The city is often overlooked but is a must see with Picasso museum and art galleries. A real jewel.

Having not played for 3 weeks  I was very rusty this morning v an English chap who has a vila nearby. Also a chesty cough  is a nuisance. Please go away before Christmas!

Hasta luego.

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