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Message from Asutralia!!

Hi everyone!

It’s been nearly 7 months and thought I would get in touch. Well I’ve been touring up and down the land of Australia and I must say I’m still not used to the toilets flushing in the wrong direction, however, I am starting to become accustomed to the weather!

I’ve turned my hand at working in an Irish pub in the outback (they really are everywhere) and have even had a go at packing cherries on a farm.

At the minute though I’ve well and truly been putting my feet up on the grounds of Melbourne Park. I’ve spent the last 2 immersed in the Australian Open… Watching matches with all the big names. To be fair, I feel Andy Murray had played a blinder and really should have beaten Djockovic but the final was unreal! Was amazing to be there and see it with my own eyes!

As well as the big names I saw a few of the more experienced players in Leconte, Hingis, Austin,  Ivanosevic, Navratilova and Bahrami  playing doubles that just reminded me of the fun that I had at Windsor… This inspired me to get in touch!

I’ve been reading the e-mails and know all about the havoc you had with the dome. I just hope you’re all back on track and I’m sure there are hoards of you out on those cold Saturday afternoons and freezing Thursday evenings 🙂

Well I must say I haven’t played anywhere near as much tennis as I Would have liked but still I’d like to think I could give Brian a good knock up anyway 🙂

Hope you are all got the chance to watch the open, it really was  a fantastic quality Grand Slam!

I hope you are all fit and well and enjoying the laughs and craic down at the club. Genuinely missing being there! Take care.

Matt McGuigan