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drink or aftershave at this match? Windsor Tennis Club Belfast

Drink or Aftershave?

Windsor B v Banbridge A Match

Windsor B entertained Banbridge at the club with a changed order in the team due to the momentous victory of Boyd over Fetherston M in a challenge last Saturday morning. I add for the record that he wasn’t suffering from a hangover and that he didn’t only have three hours sleep. Some folk are also confusing the smell of alcohol with aftershave and the red eyes were just a touch of conjunctivitis.

Duncan Macaulay v Robbie McKane
This first match started late and lasted over an hour and it was no wonder that we had to use court 2 later in the evening. Robbie has great touch but I was confident that Duncan’s superior fitness, speed and intensity in the battle would see him through. However I didn’t take account for Robbie’s excellent retrieval abilities. No matter how tight it was he invariably would get it back and with interest. Duncan had his usual slow start which carried on into each game as he always seemed to give his opponent a head start before he got going. At 2-1 up in games the win was definitely in sight for Duncan as he upped the pace and Robbie struggled to stay in touch. However it was not to be as Robbie won in games four and five for a well fought victory. 3/2 to Banbridge.

John Crossey v Dean Dodunski
Dean the New Zealander hits the ball very hard on both sides of the court but is perhaps not so good at the short stuff. John was blasted off the court in the early exchanges but recovered well to narrowly lose the first game 10/8. I was absent for the next couple of games with John sneaking the second 10/9 and losing the third 9/1. Back to see John calling 1 at 8/8 to take the fourth 9/8 very much impressing the watching Mr Black who is famous for calling 1 all the time. All set up for a thriller in the deciding game but unfortunately John lost his way somewhat losing it 9/4. What a great match! 3/2 to Banbridge

Mike Fetherston v Clifford McElroy
Meanwhile on court two and with a point to prove Mike played Cliff McElroy. Those in the know are all too aware that that you underestimate Cliff at your peril. Given a chance and he will put you away with accurate drops and deft boasts. Mike played just the right game – good width and length followed by tight drops and deft boasts of his own keeping Cliff working hard on the rapidly warming court. It was obvious early on that our man would win this one with ease and so he did 9/4, 9/6, 9/4. 3/0 to Windsor.

Stephen Boyd v Richard Fitzpatrick
Last on against Richard son of the comedian Gene Fitzpatrick. Totally different character mind you – probably didn’t get a word in edgeways at home! I competed well enough in the first game but lost it 9/5. I was well and truly hammered in the second 9/2 and I felt like I was down and out. Get the supper on Mike. Maybe Richard relaxed in the third game but better length to his backhand and a bit of honest battling saw me reverse the score – 9/2 to me. I was happy to get a point but all of a sudden I sensed that maybe I could get more. Delay the supper Mike. I won the fourth game 9-5 and then Richard capitulated in the fifth, 9/1 to me. 3/2 to Windsor.

A satisfying winning draw 10/8. Retired for the delayed supper of pizza, popcorn chicken and crisps followed by chocolate rolls. Much discussion about NZ rugby and Dean’s assertion that Ireland will never have a better chance of victory against the All Blacks as they would be concentrating on walloping England in revenge for last Autumn. I have my doubts.