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Disability Access Committee Information Meeting  March 2017

 A short summary of a long and detailed project

Committee set up in August 2016 (Valerie Addy, Emma Conway, Robin Ashe, Jim Gilmore)


Grant aid sought:

  • Belfast City council – directed to disability action.
  • Disability Action (Orla McCann) – no grants at present
  • Disability Sport NI (Anita O’Connor) – no grants at present
  • Tennis Ireland – no grants at present.
  • Big lottery fund (only fund registered charities)

Fund raising events organised since Aug 2016

  • Tennis / Bridge event.
  • Ballot at Captains night
  • Katmandu evening.
  • Book sales.
  • Individual donations.
  • Bridge club donation
  • Christmas raffle
  • Roger’s racquet stringing.
  • Windsor sport tops.

Events to come:

  • Sponsored marathon relay led by Marc Howland.
  • Quiz March 24th
  • Fashion show 28th April

Club members with building / OT/ disability expertise asked to make themselves known.

Advice sought within the club re the siting of a disability toilet: A member with previous work experience of advising re disability access, visited and advised designating a partition to be made in the ladies’ locker room. Architect confirmed that this was deemed to be the best site for a male/female disability toilet. Ray (plumber/electrician) in agreement.

Advice on tender preparation for a DDA audit was facilitated by Paul Gibson. The tenders quoted were in the region of £5000. The committee decided to continue without a full audit.

Four builder quotations sought re work required to prepare a male/female disability toilet. Council have approved least expensive estimate and work will commence within the next few days. Ray will be doing much of the preparatory work with minimal disturbance to the members.

Five lift manufacturers contacted – all visited the club and were met by committee members.  Asked for quotations for both inclined  platform stair lifts (note: not chair lifts) and full through the floor lifts. Asked for advice re siting a full through the floor lift.

Meetings with Chris Stevenson (Architect) of Tate/Stevenson.  Detailed plans of proposed work to the club drawn up. Building control application made.

Architect requests an asbestos survey report. Asbestos survey organised. No asbestos in the areas where work is recommended to commence.

Requirement of a refuge area (in case of fire) designated at the top of the back staircase.

Finances and final summary

  • Disability toilet £3367 (inclusive of VAT)
  • Architect’s fees so far £1080
  • Building control application cost TBA
  • Small amount of work on a refuge area will need to be done at the top of the back staircase. No costing at present.  Could be approx. £1000?
  • A full through the floor lift could cost in and around £25500 (inclusive of VAT) – architects full estimation but could be reduced to approx. £16770 (inc. VAT) following cheaper quotations
  • A platform inclined lift approx. £17415 (could be reduced by negotiation)
  • Therefore the toilet +lift+ refuge area +architects fees could be in the region of £23000 – £25000
  • With council paying approximately half of this  – fund raising needs to cover approx. £12000.
  • We have already raised approx. £7000
  • We are probably looking for at least a further £5000 to be raised.

Summary of discussion following the presentation

Everyone agreed that the project was necessary and of value to the club. There was support for work commencing a.s.a.p. on the disability toilet.

Providing access to the function room for those with disabilities was also deemed of importance.

The chair indicated that a simple chair lift had been ruled out following OT advice.

A discussion followed on the merits of a stair raiser evacuation type device.  This type of device was thought to be unsuitable due to the necessity for trained staff at all times and the acceptability issues for the user client.

The merits of a platform inclined lift and a full through the floor lift were discussed. The architect had indicated a preference to go with a full through the floor lift.

Attendees at the meeting were shown the suggested area in the function room for a designated full through the floor lift. Concern was expressed at the space required for both the lift and the area required to be clear leading to the lift. The proposed siting of a full through the floor lift had been based on a combination of the financial implications, the advice of the lift manufacturers and the architect’s advice.

The attendees were shown a video of an inclined platform lift that would attach to the main staircase. Although expensive (£17500), some attendees were impressed by the concept.

Detailed plans on request

Breakdown of lift manufacturers estimates on request

Treasurer’s report available on request.


Video of the workings of a Garavente inclined platform lift can be viewed in Utube – Garevente lift.

If you have any comments regarding this project, please e-mail the club (info@windsortennis.co.uk) or contact reception.

                                                                                 Valerie Addy (Chair)