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Got some news from Maxine, last week

“Big Simon had a baby. Heres a pic, can you put it in The Racquet” she says.

Details Maxine, DETAILS!!

So, I emailed Big Simon.

Very kindly, he sent a pic as well.

It must be easier to give birth than get baby info I’m thinking.

Emailed Big Simon again – “need details, womanly-type details old chum“.

And Big Simon came up trumps! Hurrah!

she was born on the 20th july in the ulster hospital, ellie mary elizabeth mcfarland. 8 pound 9. Rebecca is doing fine after a 15 hour labour followed by c section and everyone is getting no sleep. haha.

And the pics . . .bit of a cutie. . . .

Congrats to Big Simon, Rebecca & Ellie from everyone at Windsor