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Betcha by golly wow!

BelfastAfter the festivities it is time to shake off lethargy and get down to some serious training and proper tennis. Next engagement is the mixed doubles event at the Miraflores tennis club on 13 Jan. Carole is playing well- much better than me so I need to pull my socks up.

But Saturday night is a fun night and 6 of us head to Legends Club to see a tribute to the Four Tops! Now I realise that will mean nothing to those of you in Windsor Belfast who are not from the baby boomers vintage but at one time they were turning out No.1 hits for fun. Reach out, I’ll be there, Betcha by golly wow, Standing in the shadows of love, etc etc A fantastic sing along evening and great fun. Was just wondering if in the current politically correct times one of those song titles might be frowned upon!

Construction of new changing rooms and padel tennis courts is ongoing at the tennis club. Although there have been hiccups in general everything is on the up and up at the club which is great for Fernando and his family the owners. They are working non-stop to make the club a success and I feel certain it will have a great outcome. Padel tennis is very popular and will attract more footfall which is good for the club, the bar and catering.

I am fortunate to know Ashley who has played at a very high level ie Wimbledon in the 60s who has generously promised to sort out my backhand! What a task he has set himself! His own backhand is a dream of a shot played flat with apparently no effort but perfect timing and the ball flies like a rocket for winners each time and to the baseline. He was taught by Lew Hoad former World no 1 and I am told he plays the shot just like him. If I can improve my shot by 15% I will be happy. So tennis practice with him today is at 2pm.

I will keep you informed of progress, all you folks in shivering Belfast!

Hasta luego!
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