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Any regular users of the club cannot fail to have noticed the new barrier system recently installed to secure the car park at Windsor. This has been talked about for a long time, with numerous complaints expressed over the years from frustrated and angry members, who have experienced the parking problems created especially at certain times of the day.

These problems concerned our inability to prevent non members using our private ground to park their vehicles, thus creating not only congestion, but also issues of safety concerning young children, while on Windsor property.

This year Club Council decided to act decisively to stop this problem, and further to introduce the benefits of a ‘card access system’ for entry into the club, membership validation, and health and safety compliance. The new swipe cards will also;

  • carry data for cash holding (electronic purse), thus removing the need for club members to carry cash or valuables while on the premises.
  • In addition a cash discount scheme will be included giving  club members even better value when making certain purchases such as refreshments from the bar.

Every member, with the exception of juniors, will be required to hold a swipe card, and to swipe (or record their entry to the premises) when entering the club.

We must highlight that because of the limited number of parking spaces and the ‘traffic zone’ in place on Windsor Avenue, members  may only park in the car park when doing so to use the Club’s facilities, and for no other purpose.

This new access system has been purchased in response to members wishes as expressed at last year’s members meetings. Much work has already been carried out in cable laying for the new barrier and card readers by a small team of volunteers, thus reducing substantially the overall cost of the system.

Members will be updated as things progress, and we ask all members for their patience and full support, especially once the lights go green in the near future.

In the meantime, until the swipe cards arrive to open the barrier, members must request access by speaking to reception. This is achieved by pressing the button on the box to right of your car (metal box upon which the barrier pivots) when entering the car park, and talking clearly into the voice receiver pad.

Gordon Addy
Chairman Club Council
Windsor Tennis Club Belfast