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On Friday at Don Carlos  the tennis finals began and were to extend in to Saturday. But the highlight was to be the barbecue at 8:30pm followed by music and dancing at the piano bar.

For me I was still involved in playing a semi final mens doubles against my olf friend Volke from Hamburg – see previous blogs-who was playing with a local Spaniard. My partner Roger from England was a steady baseliner.

After a hesitant start we got on top and won fairly comfortably 6/2 6/0 so on the the final next day at 9:30am.

Some cracking matches took place on Friday afternoon, Tony Davison and parner losing a very close mens doubles iover 50s against two good English players – one a former Dasvis Cup player. An outstanding player was Jorge Faber from Luxembourg in the 45s – quite untouchable in all his events.

The barbecue was nicely laid out on the balcony at Don Carlos with all the usual accompaniments. Carole did express some reservations about the cooking of the burgers though! Rafa Ruiz organiser and the hotel manager said some nice words before everyone repaired to the dancing at the piano bar to let their hair down.

Next day I headed back for my mens doubles but after losing a tight first set on the tie break we sucumbed rather weakly to two English guys 7/6 6/2 and they deserved the win as they played much better than us on the day. Very difficult conditions though with high bouncing balls and a gusty wind.

Meanwhile Carole played a fun game at Miraflores and of course started to pack for our trip on Sunday morning to Mallorca for the next tournament. Our apartment has to be cleared by 9:30am Sunday for the cleaners to come in.

Our friends Alaister and Vivienne join us for lunch at Antonios and tell us that they have had a power cut all morning – no showers, the  electronic gates were shut and they had to get a mechanic to opeen them manually otherwise they were stuck!

Sadly we wish them goodbye until the next time which may be next year.

Carole has her last tennis at Miraflores in the mix-in and it is off for dinner down town with Billy and Freda from Cork. It is sad to leave here becaise for 3 weeks this has been our home and we have enjoyed it tremendously. Fernando Gill has been a great encouragement to us both and it has been a nice base for us.

But tomorrow off to pastures new. Our flight from Malaga to Palma is at 12:30 Sunday and then it will be a race to get up North to be in time for my singles match!

This hectic living!


Hasta luego!