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Breaking news, tennis freaks!

SuperDomeWindsor SuperDome back in action.

The SuperDome team  at Windsor Tennis Club Belfast  tennis club has worked wonders to get the SuperDome up and running (not that it was down as such), just temporarily hors de combat. Thanks to all members and staff who pulled together to clear the snow  off the SuperDome and paths into the club. There are still a few lights not working but this will be fixed on Monday – so everyone who has booked tennis courts for Sunday is free to come along and play.

Don’t forget to use our new link on the Windsor home page ‘WCB Direct’ which will open the Windsor Court Booker http://www.windsortennis.co.uk/courtbooker/day.php?area=12&room=3

Here’s a tip – save this link into your favourites in your browser and it will open by default at the SuperDome courts!

If you haven’t yet managed to sign up to the Windsor Court Booker (available only to club members) then you can do so by clicking this link. You will find a full set of instructions which involve you doing no more than filling in a pre-populated email form requesting a password. Your real name will be your user name so remember to make the password unique to yourself. Once the reception staff have validated that you are a member, they will set you up as  a member and you will receive an email with your log-on details.

If you have any questions then just email reception reception@windsortennis.co.uk