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Swipecard for Windsor – contact not made

Windsor Swipecard

Windsor Tennis Club Swipecard

A Windsor Swipecard was introduced a couple of months ago (first in Belfast!) and is used to read the members card at the rising barrier to the car park, the entrance gate and sign in at reception.  The Council has decided to keep the barrier at the entrance to the club shut permanently, and also the green entrance gate during the winter months. This is a change from the current arrangements where the barrier was shut only when reception staff were on duty.

A Windsor Swipecard reader unit positioned at a manned reception reads the members smart card and displays an image of the member on screen for member verification.

There are also Health and Safety issues here as we need to know exactly who is or isn’t in the building at any one time.

But I haven’t collected my Windsor Swipecard yet??

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. All you have to do is contact reception reception@windsortennis.co.uk and arrange to pick your Windsor Swipecard up – what could be easier than that- and you are free to use your card right away. Ten pounds already on your card (your swipecard acts like a debit card as well)  to use against any purchase you make in the club – no reason not to get your round in!

BUT PLEASE, PICK UP YOUR Windsor Swipecard!

Any questions just ask reception 028 9066 5188 or reception@windsortennis.co.uk!