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Sizzlin’ & Sexy Salsa at Windsor!!


Well, let me tell you, I called into Windsor on Saturday evening, not realising that Saturday night is Salsa Night!!

Amazin, whole club was full of dancers – upstairs bar was full, the Dance studio too, they had even cleared the coffee bar and were using it as well.

WillieAndCarole were there, fresh from their Spanish holidays  where they were clearly brushing up on their Salsa skills. Martin got up on the dance floor, not that he needed much encouragement, and did the best jive/salsa combo I’ve EVER seen, invented a whole new sub-genre in fact. Pat (never-knowingly-pass-a-dancefloor) McFerran was up and at it too, hot moves from The Man.

Phrases like Gupacha, Now we’re Engaged, Don’t leave your wife behind, Comb my hair, were flying around faster than Lady Gagas costume changes (that’s another story, saw her at Lilys on the Lisburn Road later on). Great crack.

Have a look at the vid.

Video captured on phone so quality could be better 🙁

If you’ve any Windsor vids you’d think we’d like to see just drop me an email masterblaster@windsortennis.co.uk with either a YouTube link or you can send me the file.