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Das Vadania

Neither of us having been scheduled to play on Sunday in the tournament, we join in with the tennis mix-in at Miraflores club. Some great fun tennis is played and then Fernando Head Coach invites us to his table for a special Russian evening.


So at 6pm all the tables are joined together and al fresco an international group of 20 people from Germany, Spain , England, Ireland France, Russia, Latvia etc all sit down to enjoy a sumptious feast of Russian food. Caviar, Russian dumplings and all sorts of things with unpronouncable names are set out followed by toasts to world peace! These toasts are via small shot glasses filled with honey flavoured Russian vodka. The routine is to rise, toast ‘Das vadania’ or the like, and down the hatch!

(WillieAndCarole – das vadania means ‘goodbye’ –  bet they’re all talking about those Crazy Irish never know when to stop! MasterBlaster :mrgreen: )



Of course world peace is not easily achieved and requires several toasts to ensure success! Later with all world economic, social and othwerwise problems solved the guests weave home a little unsteadily!

Next day I play my first singles in the Lew Hoad tournament! Strangely in the first set I struggle to get the ball to behave itself and despite my supporters urging me on I lose 6/1. Next set I dig in and a real dog fight ensues and I hang on to take it 6/2. Third set is not pretty but I have read Brad Gilbert´s book about winning ugly and put it into effect. After 2hours 45 minutes at last my opponents ball flies out and I have won! Back on the world ranking lists albeit in the 600s!

Carole has a good win in the ladies doubles with Frances from Seattle and we settle down to rest and relax.

Tomorrow I play world number 9 Jeremy Woods so a daunting prospect!

As I am spectating a hand touches my back and I turn round to see familiar faces from home. Cathy and Stephen Fee have arrived and dropped by the club to see what is happening. Amazingly they have not brought their racquets. Next time they say. It is so good to see them and we have a nice chat before they leave.
We join Alastair and Vivienne – new friends from Scotland but now living in Montreal – at a Thai restaurant they have recommended near Mijas. Superb!

And home.

Hasta luego