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Car Parking Entry Barrier.

Car Parking Entry Barrier, Windsor Tennis Club Belfast

The Council has decided to keep the barrier at the entrance to the club shut permanently. This is a change from the current arrangements where the barrier was shut only when reception staff were on duty.

The barrier can be opened when entering the car park. Members just  need to use the new swipe cards which are available to all adult members.  (Have YOU collected YOURS?). If you haven’t collected your card, just call reception and let them know.

The barrier will automatically open when a car is exiting the car park.

These new arrangements have been implemented for two reasons. Firstly it will encourage the use of the new swipe cards. Secondly it will also discourage the use by non-members of the Windsor car park. There was problem recently where a member was unable to access the car park. This was because the car park was completely full largely due to parking by non-members.