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Aidan Morrow

Aidan MorrowAidan Morrow is no ordinary 7 year old. At age 4 he started playing tennis and it wasn’t long before they realised he was something special. He was offered a place on Windsor Tennis Club Belfast’s  red ball performance squad. This is player development and putting technical skills into practise with rules set by the International Tennis Federation. Aidan is so dedicated to tennis that he even gets up for early morning practise BEFORE school !!!!

Thankfully Aidan’s tennis coach Sam Armstrong ( Ireland’s u18 coach) suggested that basketball would aid his agility and footwork and so Aidan joined Phoenix development basketball in September. He has continued to excel ever since. He has just recently won star of the month for October.

Aidan has shown total dedication at our club too, he never misses practise and executes all drills with great precision and determination.

And one last thing, Aidan we don’t mind what seats we sit in at Wimbledon centre court.. when your in the final!!!!!

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Aidan Morrow
Aidan Morrow, who attends at Windsor Junior Squads, is using basketball to improve his agility and footwork skills.